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Toilet rules suck!!

The thought of seperate men and woman toilets in public are weird. Both toilets have cubicals. Them ‘labels’ is a society label that has been there for hundreds of years, but it’s 2017 and it DEFINITELY needs to change… according to society if you have a vajayjay you are a woman, if you have a rainstick then you are a guy.. 

that is something that needs to change for the simple reason is those individuals might not feel like that ‘label’ fits them so they want to use the toilet that they will feel comfortable to use. 

Do you live in those individuals lives on a daily basis? Do you see the prejudice they receive ONLY because of them being themselves? Do you see the struggles they defeat or not defeat?

Who are YOU, the society, really think you are? 

We teach our children to be happy in their own skin, to be happy at themselves. So why is society not supported them in the outside world? 

We are all human.

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First successful conquest 

The very first successful conquest you will have to face every day is getting out of that warm cosy bed in the morning… correct me if I am wrong on that matter.

 However ask yourself, who else is going to make my morning coffee

As soon as you take that first step out of that warm cosy comfort zone then your first successful conquest is complete.